Using a custom short URL service

By default, Copy ShortURL falls back to the URL shortening service As I am not affiliated with however, I wanted to make it easy for people to use whatever service they like.

You may specify a different service by clicking “preferences” on Copy ShortURL in the Firefox add-ons pane.

There, you can choose from default services or enter your own custom URL.

When creating a new short URL, the add-on will request (GET) the URL you specify here, while replacing the placeholder %URL% with the long URL that it is trying to shorten. As a reply from the shortening service, it expects a one-line, plain text document containing the shortened URL.


  • (default) (docs)
  • (3rd party docs)
  •<apikey>&action=shorturl&format=simple&url=%URL% (docs)

Popular service has a slighty more elaborate API. Create an OAuth access token, then enter the following custom service URL into Copy ShortURL’s settings:<accesstoken>&longUrl=%URL%

Replace <accesstoken> in the URL with the token you created.

Full bitly API docs exist.